Blagger’s Blog: Royal blood, bloody shadow art, Santa’s habit

Weekly High

While the BBC’s recent adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic ‘Dracula’ divided opinion, the billboard used to promote the mini-series didn’t. Reacting to daylight, or rather sunset, it’s an eye-catching way to set the mood for gothic horror and shadow art at its finest. And we love it.

Weekly Low 

While most of us were busy finishing our seasonal shopping and making sure the cupboards were stocked with all manner of treats and delicacies, US retail giant Walmart was apologising for selling Christmas jumpers that depicted Santa doing, well, something he definitely shouldn’t. Let’s just leave it at that (and apologise for not picking up on this before the holidays).

Need to know

Snapchat’s latest trend report has just been published — white elephant, impeachment process, full moon and Hanukkah were among the biggest topics in the final weeks of the last decade.

Twitter is introducing options to stop people replying to tweets in the hope of reducing anti-social behaviour and improving the quality of discussion.

Facebook is pursuing a ‘partial ban’ on deepfake videos.

How the internet broke this week

This guy’s in-depth thread on the world’s strictest and most regulated five-a-side football team is pure Twitter gold, and is probably the best thing to happen online since we all got back to work. Take five and dive in, you’ll be a happier person for it.

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