Blagger’s Blog: Magic trees and Subway’s shelf-life

“Trees don’t just suddenly appear from nowhere.”

O2 customer Ken Ferguson responding to the mobile carrier’s claims that tree branches in Fife, Scotland, are blocking the network’s signal. He has a fair point really.

Weekly High

Virgin Atlantic is ditching its iconic pin-ups from cockpit exteriors in favour of new pro-diversity characters. Which we think is a very positive step.

Weekly Low 

Considering the company slogan is ‘Eat Fresh’ we’re not sure where Subway is coming from with new instructions sent to franchisees in Australia. Extending the shelf-life of bread and toppings by up to six months is unlikely to bring in many new customers, or maybe we’re just old stick-in-the-muds.

Need to know 

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator app has just turned five years young. If you don’t know what that is click on this sentence.

Consumer advisor bible Which? has called on the Competitions & Markets Authority to step in and stop supermarkets selling products on the back of misleading deals and discounts.

Pinterest is stepping up its fight against misinformation— after ‘breaking’ the search function on a number of medical terms it is now directing people straight to scientifically-accurate sources of information on everything from vaccines to cancer treatments.


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