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Blagger’s Blog: Parliament, prejudice and publicist nightmares

“The ratings hit that’s Big Brother meets 24– with added Bercow .” The Guardian’s description of BBC Parliament, with the…

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Blagger’s Blog: Magic trees and Subway’s shelf-life

“Trees don’t just suddenly appear from nowhere.” O2 customer Ken Ferguson responding to the mobile carrier’s claims that tree branches…

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August 2019 at Smoking Gun HQ

It has been one of those months to say the least at Smoking Gun. Heatwaves, floods, Amazonian fires and parliamentary…

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Mental health and social media: Lead by example

When Instagram removed its like counter, reactions were mixed, to say the least. Psychology professionals were quick to approve the…

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Rebel brands and causes: Anti-message marketing

Members of the public are growing sceptical towards businesses. Concerns relating to the environment and sustainability have reached deafening levels….

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Expert content marketing with Reddit: What you need to know

In 2005 two college graduates in the US had an idea. Launch an online community for people to decide for…

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