Brand and reputation management

There’s always a brand in crisis, somewhere. We can’t always predict when and where the wildfires will start, but with effective brand and reputation management you’re better armed to deal with negative situations as they arise.

To understand the full benefits of reputation management you first need to ask one question. What actually is reputation management? There are a number of answers, but the most comprehensive boils down to one truth. Reputation management is an ongoing requirement all companies should take seriously. We’ll stake our own reputation on that.

How effective is reputation management when you have a good brand name?

It’s a common misconception that brand and reputation management is only necessary when the fit hits the shan. Sadly, in many cases this is already too late. That’s because there’s little-to-no understanding of where the reputation was prior to the crisis.

Using ongoing deep social listening and sentiment evaluation, our comms experts ensure you have offline and digital reputation management that really makes a difference, 365-days a year. We can see what the brand is doing well and what policies, products and services the public is responding to. Then we advise how to maximise those. This also means it’s simple to assess where improvements are needed, before any major problems arise.

brand and reputation management

Without reputation management marketing is much harder

You may think you have a great idea for a campaign or one-off stunt. But if there has been no investment in reputation management from the start there’s every chance resources allocated to that big ‘wow’ idea will be wasted.

Understanding what consumers and prospective customers really think about your brand is essential. Fail to do this and any PR and marketing efforts are unlikely to offer maximum return.

This is because the public is wise to hypocritical businesses claiming credentials when they act in the opposite way, so campaigns can easily be hijacked and backfire. An agency that understands brand and reputation management will only ever deliver marketing ideas that match your established name, maximising on what’s already there.

The benefits of reputation management during brand crisis

No brand wants to experience a crisis. Effective brand and reputation management makes it much easier to stop negative situations snowballing, but even the best companies can find themselves on the wrong end of public opinion. This is when ongoing investment in sentiment analysis yields significant returns.

It stands to reason. Reputation management offers brands an exceptional first line defence. Think of it as guidance, helping protect the company name and minimise impact by clearly defining the strengths that should be played up, and any weaknesses that could compound problems you need to deal with. Investment in the future, in the wisest possible sense.

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