Brand Voice Workshop: Willerby

Brand Voice: Objectives

At Smoking Gun, we help organisations simplify what they stand for, increase the impact of their brand and communicate in ways that engage and activate audiences to better effect.

So when Willerby came to us with the challenge of refining its brand voice and realising its personality across comms channels, we prescribed an interactive tone of voice workshop to fuel the process. 

Brand Voice: Approach

Increasingly, with a communications savvy consumer, how a brand talks and behaves and the signals it gives off is more important than what it says about itself in advertising.

Smoking Gun ran a collaborative workshop for the Willerby marketing team to help cement the brand personality and how this was expressed across all comms – from customer newsletters and brochures to social media and press materials.

We explored and developed a distinctive and consistent brand voice through a series of frameworks including character, tone, language and purpose. We examined other brands doing this well, taking reference points from both competitors and brands completely outside of Willerby’s sector. 

From the marketing director to the admin assistant, the whole team joined heads for the morning and got stuck into an interactive session, which included some honest reflections on the current brand voice and healthy debate on the new direction. 

Outputs & Outcomes

Taking learnings from the workshop, Smoking Gun created a brand voice bible, giving the entire marketing a clear set up guidelines to follow across channels for absolute consistency. 

This solidified brand personality injected new life and energy across marketing and comms, with a positive impact evident from increased social media engagement and online advocacy to web visits and customer feedback. The results of the marketing team’s efforts were recognised and celebrated across the business.