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Is manwashing marketing’s biggest new ...

After Gillette’s toxic masculinity critique beware of marketing claiming to get woke without doing anything, says Smoking Gun’s MD Rick Guttridge

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Marketing, PR and media trends you need ...

We may not have a crystal ball, but we’ve got years of experience and forward-thinking staff with up-to-the-minute knowledge in a range of comms sectors. From slow news to Snapchat falling out of favour, you heard these here first.

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Naughty list: 2018 in PR, marketing and ...

As part of our 2018 Almanac, we run through the worst PR, marketing, social and digital mistakes from the industry this year.

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Nice list: 2018 in PR, marketing and com...

As part of Smoking Gun’s 2018 almanac, we look at the best stunts and campaigns from other agencies and brands that have caught our eye.

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2018 in the Smoking Gun study

For the final chapter in our 2018 almanac— rounding up all the comms, PR and marketing industry news— we run down biggest events that have happened here at Smoking Gun HQ.

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2018’s Christmas ads prove many brands...

Our MD Rick Guttridge considers what this year’s Christmas ads say about the comms and marketing sectors, and tells washed up ‘creatives’ to make way for professionals with real ideas.

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