Celebrating International Women’s Day with Interflora

Consumer PR Objective

Smoking Gun was asked to create a content-led campaign for International Women’s Day for our client Interflora. The objectives were to drive brand awareness and reappraisal – and to build more of an emotional connection with existing and prospective customers.

The content needed to fuel Interflora’s marketing channels including social media and customer email, but also had to live the brand’s purpose of ‘creating beautiful moments for special people’.

Consumer PR Strategy

Since the pandemic began, the front doorstep had become a focal point of life. It was the place to chat to neighbours when you’d seen no one else all day, where you dropped off presents and cake for a loved one’s birthday, or delivered shopping for a neighbour that was isolating.

It had also been the place for emotional milestones such as the showing off of new babies and engagement rings to friends and relatives – the place for ‘beautiful moments’ during difficult times.

The doorstep is also intrinsically linked with Interflora and the florist delivery moment (and something that letterbox flower delivery competitors can’t own).

Our driving thought was that with International Women’s Day happening in the midst of a lockdown you might not be able to see or celebrate the important and inspirational women in your life the way you would want to, BUT Interflora can help you create a memorable doorstep moment to thank them and let them know how loved they are.

*We asked people to nominate that special woman in their life for a chance to win an Instragrammable doorstep makeover for them – capturing their moment of surprise and delight on video.

*We outreached to the media with the nominations story to help drive entries, as well as posts on social media and via customer email.

*Three lucky winners were selected and surprised with an amazing floral arch and bouquet 

Results & Evaluation

*The campaign 17 piece of media coverage with links to the website to nominate

*Activity drove just over 300 nominations for inspirational women

*There was a total social reach – 585,000

*294,495 video views