Chris Moyles' final BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

So it’s finally here. The day some have dreaded and some have been waiting for a long time. Chris Moyles has just ended a record breaking 15 year stint as the voice, face and some would say ego of the BBC’s youth radio station.

The show was produced in front of a select live audience who enjoyed a final sing along with Chris and the team before he exited the BBC building in a scene reminiscent of Tom’s final exit on Spooks.

The self proclaimed Saviour of Radio 1 has had many a high point and the  odd controversy along the way but it’s always been a blast and there’s been never a quiet moment. Whatever  your opinion of presenters past, no other has been able to adapt and survive, honing and toning (down) their style as the years passed by.
New man in the hot seat  Nick Grimshaw, who, at 28, is ten years closer to the BBC’s target audience than Moyles, starts on Monday. Expect a host of new features and  most likely much less chat and more music.
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As usual we’ll leave the final word to Mr Moyles who held aloft a written note for the fans watching the historic event live via webcam:

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