Comms Strategy: 4 things to have in your comms armoury

As we face the single biggest challenge in a generation, it’s easy to retreat, to panic, to be led by fear… 

This is a critical time for every business in the world. We all know it’s going to be tough and no-one has a clue when this will end. What we do know is that strategic comms during this time is key to maintaining your brand and business function. Whether that be internal communication with staff, communication with stakeholders, with customers and the media – and even looking at the opportunities for your brand during this period. 

Here are our top 4 things to have in your comms armoury right now:

Comms Strategy: Crisis Comms

In a fast-moving situation like this, all brands need a crisis-response in place. 

Does your business have a plan in place that covers all scenarios and a comms strategy across all touchpoints? Statements prepared? A reactive team on call?

Comms Strategy: Internal Comms

Employees are a business’s most valued ambassadors – they need absolute clarity about what is going on during a crisis, on a daily basis. Regular communications with staff is key to reducing anxiety and ensuring a good brand reputation, helping to reinforce brand values and loyalty in the long-term

Comms Strategy: Social Listening Piece

Based on key insights from listening to existing/ prospective customers across social channels, you can identify what the opportunities are for your brand and deliver a targeted digital content strategy.

Comms Strategy: Editorial link building for SEO boost

Google never sleeps so use this period wisely to bolster your website’s organic performance and potentially counteract a drop off in your paid search activity. Using only white hat high domain websites, we only build relevant links that support your brand’s overall storytelling.

During times of crisis, there’s often an opportunity to reinforce customer relationships, brand loyalty, and values. If the right plan is in place and you’re focused on providing relevant Informative or entertaining content. 

If you want any advice or help with the above,  please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling the Smoking Gun team – Rick on 07887 942926 or Hayley on 07702 168085.