Crowd funding, superheroes, and big bucks

Marvel and DC are, obviously the two biggest publishers of graphic novels in the world- with a host of film franchises helping boost sales. But the name of the third most profitable comic book printing house is one that may well surprise a few.
Kickstarter, the crowd funding website that allows creatives to raise money from private investors for film, music, and literary projects, is now number three, according to yesterday’s Guardian. So, why does this matter if you don’t have a penchant for all things Dark Knight and Spiderman? Well, in short, because it represents a growing trend for artists to bring their work to an audience without the input of monolithic media organisations, a model that currently permeates across many other industries.
In the corporate world, so-called peer-to-peer lending is fast being seen as a solution small companies and new startups should consider, what with the increasing difficulties in gaining credit from traditional banks and other lenders, which is a similar scheme, albeit with Kickstarter offering thousands of people the opportunity to invest £1 in a new movie (often for a name in the credits), whilst P2P financing is more likely gained from a small number of interested parties pledging significantly more. Still, in the face of mounting economic problems this kind of practice is certainly interesting from all angles, whether that’s as media consumers or business owners.