Digital PR Campaign: Objectives

Smoking Gun tapped into the nation’s obsession with how we’re sleeping to deliver a creative digital PR campaign inviting Brits to size up their snooze power.

Teaming the nation’s leading bed brand with robust academic research, the multi-channel campaign delivered outstanding coverage and engagement, meeting our objective to cement Silentnight’s position as the UK’s trusted sleep expert and increase online visibility

Digital PR Campaign: Strategy

Bringing Silentnight to the forefront of research and innovation, we forged partnerships with academics at the University of Leeds and commissioned an in-depth study to uncover the sleeping habits of the nation.

The research revealed significant numbers of the population were achieving well below the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. But what was even more surprising was the disparity between different areas of the UK.

Postcode data enabled us to create an Interactive Sleep Map, which was hosted on Silentnight’s website to build links from high quality domain authorities and drive traffic. This also featured personalised advice from the brand’s trusted sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan.

Digital PR Campaign outputs:

  • Embeddable Sleep Map was optimised for mobile and social sharing, and allowed visitors to find out exactly how their county was sleeping
  • Media story revealing the nation’s best and worst sleepers. Data on average bed time, wake time and sleep satisfaction offered endless angles for press
  • Bespoke angles developed for regional media 
  • Interviews with Silentnight sleep expert and University of Leeds psychologists
  • Targeted social media posts and series of blogs to drive traffic to the sleep map
  • Sleep survival packs sent to radio stations and influencers in areas with poor sleep counts


  • 42 pieces of coverage linking to the sleep map, including high authority hits with The Sun, The Express, Grazia and Yours online 
  • Thousands of sessions to the Interactive Sleep Map 
  • 30% uplift in traffic to the sleep expertise area of the Silentnight website YoY
  • Social engagement from audience-relevant influencers
  • Research publication in the BMJ medical journal
  • A post-campaign study revealed a rise in consumer brand awareness and trust

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