The power of email marketing campaigns

email marketing

Regular visitors to our blog pages know we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of new comms trends. But it’s also important to remember that old ways can sometimes still be the best. For example email marketing. 

In recent months we’ve given plenty of attention to the rise of messaging apps as a means of consumers staying in contact with brands. Nevertheless, email marketing remains an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. 

Here’s everything you need to know about email marketing, and why thee campaigns still pay dividends for brands that know what they are doing. 

Consumers prefer email marketing to other channels 

According to research by DMA, 59% of consumers who responded stated email was their preferred method of brand communications.  This is despite a notable rise in resources allocated to social media as a means of bolstering ties between companies and the public. 

Email trumps social media for conversions and engagement 

As things currently stand, email is far more effective at driving sales than social media channels. Don’t believe us? Just ask Optinmonster

Social media – 0.58% average engagement per brand post, 1.9% conversion rate 

Email – 22.86% open rate average, 3.71% click-through rate, 6.05% conversion rate 

Email is often the first thing on people’s mind in the morning 

Optinmonster also shows us that email is more often than not the first ‘check’ of the day. Here’s how different digital channels stack up just after the alarm clock sounds:

58% check email first 

20% open a search engine first 

14% check social media first 

5% look for news first 

3% head to their work intranet first

Email marketing remains a missed opportunity when it comes to millennials 

Figures from SendInBlue suggest that despite being a well-established form of communicating with consumers, brands are not using email marketing as much as they could to reach millennials. Here’s why: 

68% of millennials check email between two and five times per day, but receive less than five emails per day with promotional opportunities from brands. 

57% of consumers read more than half of the emails they receive, and recognising the brand is the biggest catalyst for opening and reading 

According to the DMA, 24% of consumers say that Amazon sends their favourite brand emails in the UK. The next best are eBay and M&S, both claiming 9%. Tellingly, 49% of people could not or would not name a brand they see as using email marketing well. 

Email marketing needs to put relevance and benefits central

It’s vitally important to understand that just because people like email they don’t like ALL email. 55% of consumers say brand loyalty will suffer if they feel spammed, making relevance the most crucial aspect of email marketing. That means: 

Perks — 75% of people want to be offered a perk in brand emails, such as free shipping, fast delivery or discount codes. 

Category or sitewide offers— 59%  of people will take action when an email contains a major promotional offer 


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