Facebook Dislikes Scam Button

Yet another security issue from Facebook…
Facebook scams are becoming more prevalent as we all know. And its a testament to how annoying much of our friend’s news feed content is these days that a programme to install a ‘dislike’ button caught on so quickly…  Farmville, ‘I just coughed and looked out of the window’ status updates, join my Mafia wars…. its endless. I worship the genius who created the ‘hide’ button.
Increasingly we are encouraged to ‘like’ something to see some special ‘hilairous/shocking/disgusting’ content, much of which is just a scam to get you to download an application.  Which is what happened with this latest virus. Download the ‘dislike’ button and you’ll be asked to fill out a silly questionnaire which takes your mobile number then charges you money for nothing.  And encourages your friends to do the same.
With over 500 million world wide users, and mind boggling one in six visits to a website being to Facebook – its no wonder scammers are coming up with slicker ways to get at your details.
The question is, will our love affair with old FB fizzle out? Doubt it….