Fast food news

Creating obscure, disgusting but somewhat intriguing fast food combinations is a well known click-bait tactic used by everyone from this Merseyside butcher who put Cadbury’s Creme Eggs inside a Scotch egg…
Scotch egg creme egg
To KFC who this week created a chicken-leg corsage (stunt) with a kind of funny video to explain the joke.

Yesterday Dominos got in on the act, with its fried chicken-based pizza.  If you are visiting the States soon, be sure to try it out. Opinion is divided here at Smoking Gun, but the MailOnline rates its, so who are we to argue?
Dominos chicken based pizza
Until its launched in the UK, we are going to have to be happy with this fish & chip pie from M&S which actually looks amazing – thanks to some great photography – if a little carb heavy…!
Review to follow after Easter.
M&S fish and chip pie