Google +1 breaks records

It might not be all good news though, according to Paul Allen, co-founder of But if the world’s most popular search engine’s newly launched +1 is the fastest growing social network ever launched on Earth, what’s the big problem?
Well that’s very true, the aforementioned commentator posted a summary of Google +1’s progress via his associated account, revealing that last week on two separate days over 2million new users joined, with the network set to reach 18million members this week. The issue is that this is now a 50 per cent drop off in new registrations when compared with the peak, and Tuesday July 19th saw the lowest viral growth since invites were first sent out on July 6th.
According to Mashable Allen nods to the invite only membership system currently being used by Google, and the lack of wholesale promotion for the network. We say that’s probably true, and once things open up, and we see a few more campaigns to attract new users who knows what might happen. But with those reductions in Facebook users we mentioned last week we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on all the stats as the next month or so goes by so as to continue assessing the ever changing social media state of play.