More reasons why you need our guide to influencer marketing

Guide to influencer marketing

In May Smoking Gun PR published its guide to influencer marketing to celebrate hosting a Prolific North roundtable. Out of the Fyre, Into the Future: The New Influencer Marketing Age is available as a free resource. We recommend grabbing a copy now.

Our thought leadership document uses industry experts to give an overview of the problems, winning concepts and best practices in influencer marketing. These include everything from changing legalities and laws in the UK, to the untapped power of dark social networks.

It also asks questions about the legitimacy, volatility and sustainability of this sector. Major companies like Unilever are turning their back on influencer marketing— so all is not well. But a recent article in the Financial Times tells a different story.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub— a great ongoing guide to influencer marketing— global spend is expected to reach $6.5billion this year. That’s up from $1.7billion in 2016. New platforms and agencies in this field have more than doubled during that time. From 335 to 740 by the end of last year.

The article goes on to discuss the sharp rise in the number of companies using social media stars to push products. Sadly, though, many of these organisations are finding themselves in something of a quagmire after investing in the sector. The Influencer Marketing Council, for example, believes over 11% of engagement on influencer sponsored posts comes from fraudulent social accounts.

Clearly more people than ever need a guide to influencer marketing

This means— as the sub-heading states— more people than ever need a guide to influencer marketing. As the sector continues to grow in popularity the number of companies at risk follows suit.

There are plenty of examples to suggest the industry is changing in ways that offer protection to brands. For one thing, 2019’s biggest talking point— in influencer land at least— is the rise of micro influencers. Part of the reason for this is that they are less likely to ‘fake it’ compared with mega bucks mega stars.

Many micro influencers are experts in their fields and not reliant on big money sponsorship. Their opinions have been formed from professional experience, and in order for them to retain their position as leaders in their sector they need to protect their own reputation as much as any brand does.

Guide to influencer marketing

So it’s all about authenticity

Exactly. Any guide to influencer marketing should tell you that, over the coming months and further into the future, authenticity is set to become much more important. It’s the only way the industry can right the wrongs of its recent past. And the only way brands can be sure— or as sure as possible— that hands won’t be burnt at the hands of unsavoury chancers and negligent trouble makers.

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