Infographics- why bother?

Each week we hand pick interesting, image-based diagrams to explain the ins and outs of media, social media, PR and marketing. But realistically how useful are such tools at explaining these often complex concepts?
Well, in short, infographics are very useful, mainly because they are highly efficient. A picture tells a thousand words, or so the adage goes, and in the 21st Century that’s certainly a good thing, with most people spending just 2-4 seconds assessing whether or not to stay on a particular web page, leaving little time to take in well-structured sentences.
Coupled with the fact humans have a far superior ability to interpret visual information over any other format, not to mention the increased likelihood pictoral content will be shared online, and you’ve got several compelling reasons to consider commissioning your own. Here are some we had made earlier, each of which is an example of effective business guidance as explained through appealing images.