Introducing the Facebook glossary of terms

Page Organic Impressions, Post Consumers, Engaged Users… for anyone other than public relations, marketing and social media specialists trying to analyse Facebook’s feedback can be a rather daunting task. There’s a lot to look through, and despite the network’s perception as being for the people, the language used is rather techy. Or maybe that’s just how the kids are talking to each other these days?
One thing’s for sure, staff at this particular Manchester based PR agency are frequently asked to explain exactly what the phrases used within Facebook Insights actually mean, and whilst it’s nothing but a pleasure to explain the ins and outs, a visual aid would certainly make that process a little simpler.┬áJust like Hollywood always claimed then, sometimes it seems you can get what you want, with U.S. digital media expert Jon Loomer putting together an easy to digest glossary of Facebook terms.
The original post, and highly recommendable website for anyone interested in social media as a business tool, can be found here, but we’ve also re-posted the list below for ease of reference. Take a look, let us know if you think there’s anything that has been missed off, and then we can clarify directly.