iPhoneography- another word for nothing?

The label says it all, but basically we’re talking about photography competitions with iPhones. You may think you don’t care about this latest Mac mania, but these days staying on top of things like this can pay out some serious profit.
Easily the most advanced in terms of available apps, Apple’s must have mobile has plenty of software capable of impressively altering images. Hipstamatic lowers resolutions and turns photos into Polaroids. Colour Splash adds hues to parts of a monochrome picture. Photoburst takes 10 sports shots per second. And that’s just mentioning three.
With all this technology available to support the device, and the best quality screen on the planet, it’s easy to understand why iPhoneography has become so popular. Less obvious, though just as important, is the benefit to businesses hidden therein.
If you actively engage with your customers online, then the recent Creative Boost competition is still worth checking out. The prize was a Macbook Air, and in order to win, entrants needed to take the best possible picture with an iPhone, and edit it in FX Photo Studio.
The results are rather impressive. MacPhunn LLC was behind the contest, designed to draw attention to the aforementioned editing app- a leading photo focused iPhone download. But the possibilities are endless once you start thinking about user driven campaigns for your brand. Let people get creative and have fun, and in return new customers will be drawn to your 21st Century thinking company.