June 2017 in the Smoking Gun study

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It has been a month of incredible highs and, well, even more highs here on Bridge Street. We found ourselves top of the class when it comes to industry measurement, launched a new initiative designed to help tomorrow’s PR stars, welcomed another new staff member, secured sell out coverage, and still had time to enjoy the incredible weather. Who could ask for more?
Certainly not the PRCA, that’s for sure. The professional body, which recognises excellence in public relations, has invited Smoking Gun PR to join the much lauded UK Government Communications Unit, along with just four other agencies from across the UK deemed Measurement Champions. Put simply, this means we are now part of an elite group of firms revolutionising and improving on standard analytics, measurement and evaluation, and setting a higher benchmark for others to match.
What better measure of success than when our team’s great media coverage and another 30k social shares in one day from the Daily Mail website alone, causing an FMCG product to virtually sell out again nationally. This happening just weeks after stocks ran low when the story went viral on social media! Great work by our client, and great to see outstanding products making their mark.
We have also been working to improve future standards in marketing, too, with the roll out of our new graduate scheme, the first of its kind for our firm. Starting in September, we’re looking for a bright spark fresh out of university who can bring new ideas and a healthy dose of additional ingeniousness to our office. If you, or anyone you know, sounds like they might fit the bill full details can be found here.
It also gives us great pleasure to welcome Tom Long to our Manchester HQ family, who will be joining us on a placement year from Sheffield Hallam University, where he studies PR, and rewards himself with plenty of partying once the job is done. That and his exceptional conversational skills make him the perfect fit for an agency that also believes working hard must be matched by playing hard, and as such we have high hopes for the coming 12 months; both in terms of his career progress, and what we can learn from him.

Our services continue to be sought out by progressive thinking businesses from across the UK. Just this week we’ve been appointed by three historic English treasures, and high growth tech firms, to bring our blend of modern comms to the fore on their behalf. With ink yet to dry on contracts, we can say no more for now but as they say, watch this space.
Plenty of prospects, then, we’ve also been living in the moment, taking advantage of the 30-degree temperatures that saw our hometown bake in recent weeks by using our roof terrace for BBQs at lunchtime. Our staff have also been growing their own sunflowers in a competition that celebrates the summer season, with incredible results. And Zara’s young pup, Fudge, stole all our hearts when he arrived for National Bring Your Dog To Work Day last week. Proof that good things really do happen to those who graft, now the update is over it’s probably best we get back to it, and ensure July is every bit as successful as June.

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