Keeping up with the Royals

So the big day is almost upon us. If you’re lucky enough to have booked off the last two working days then well done, that’s some good forward planning. If not then we’ve got just the distraction while you make your way home, so long as it’s via public transport, of course.
Some may have been concerned by the lack of information surrounding the ways in which we can all check in on tomorrow’s wedding. Others probably couldn’t care less, but will no doubt see Media Week‘s summary as a rather amusing sign of the times, because it shows the extent to which the Royal Family will take over TV, radio, and the web, starting first thing in the morning.
From Tweets to streams and exclusive broadcasts it’s all going off, with many online┬áregal platforms set to experience a record number of hits. With that in mind, and knowing that many people may be unable to partake in BBC1 and ITV1’s coverage (from 8am and 8.30am respectively), we thought it appropriate to quickly run through the House of Windsor’s social media celebration. This means all you need is a phone and signal to partake.

You Tube
A no-brainer really, though certainly a battery-drainer. Between 10am and 2pm a live stream will be broadcast to the world on the planet’s most popular video website. So join the other die-hard Royalists by watching the event on the Royal Channel, just make sure your mobile browser is up to scratch.

Royal Wedding Website
Look at the blog for a reminder of how anticipation has been building, get government advice on any planned trips to London over the weekend, and watch a selection of videos, whether it be people delivering congratulatory messages to the lucky couple, or interviews with florists and designers.

British Monarchy Flickr
It might surprise some to learn that a few people didn’t already know the Queen and company signed up to the expansive photo-sharing site last spring, and since then have been adding to a burgeoning collection of new and archive imagery. After the event expect the catalogue to grow significantly.

Twitter @clarencehouse
387 tweets and counting, though no doubt that figure is already redundant. Specifics aside, follow Clarence House, the remarkably vocal official residence of the Prince of Wales, for regular insider updates. Whether re-tweets will be read during the speeches is unclear.

British Monarchy Facebook Page
Last but not least is the Daddy. With half the world, or at least 50 per cent of the UK already signed up to the social network it’s unsurprising the historic day will be a major feature. Click to ‘Attend’ the event, keep an eye on the hourly status updates, and use the ‘Stories’ app to share your own thoughts.