Kellogg's Special Tweet Shop

Melding the real and digital world together is something every public relations agency in Manchester (and the rest of the world) is interested in. As such it’s no surprise everyone here at Smoking Gun PR has been intrigued by an attempt to do just that by one of the country’s biggest food manufacturers.
At the end of September Cereal giant Kellogg’s opened the first ever Tweet Shop, on Meard Street in Soho, London, as something of a major tie-in with the company’s move into the crisp market, with a new range of Special K Cracker Crisps now available to buy. All customers needed to do was include the #tweetshop in a Twitter message, and avoid paying 60p for the right to consume one of the packs. The 140 character sentiments were then fed directly onto an LCD screen inside the shop for all to see, though no doubt it’s the millions of users who read the statements worldwide that’s the most important aspect of this potentially ingenious idea. What will they think of next?