Last respects shown to a (barely) living legend

Oh, Walkman– Sony’s greatest gift to the children of yesteryear. How amazed we were with music on the go. And how annoyed we were just before batteries died, as White Lines played, r e a l l y   s l o w l y.
As with every PR agency in Manchester, we read the news every morning. And, just like anyone aged between 25 and 40, our eyes welled up at the thought of an end to production of the cassette Walkman. The final chapter in the story of a Christmas must-have that rivalled the Gameboy, colour TV, or BMX comes, ironically, as Apple’s iPod prepares to celebrate nine years of digital playlists.
Imagine a car journey in 1984 without a whirring tape to escape the confines of your parents’ radio with. Similarly, think of a John Hughes flick without those hairline headphones that became so symbolic of hip. The list of contributions to popular culture from the longest serving item in portable music is long, distinguished and defines many an adolescence from the last 31 years. With that in mind, we’re pretty happy weekendrailroader decided to add this clip to You Tube…