Lego for Christmas from Smoking Gun!

Happy Christmas Eve! Last week we gave you all a Friday treat by posting some of our favourite viral videos from the last decade or so. Though not the same thing, we couldn’t help pointing you in the direction of this clip anyway.
Like all of our friends at PR companies in Manchester, our peers at North West marketing firms and acquaintances working for creative agencies we’re impressed by innovation. Suffice to say then, when we saw this stop motion mini-masterpiece from Custard Productions it made us more than a little happy.
Channel 4 revealed its Top 100 Toys list on Sunday, December 19th. There was a plethora of potentials for the top spot, but those colourful building blocks, bane of the parental bare foot, managed to bag pole position. And rightly so, after all, the original Lego sets pre-date everyone in our office, but the range remains popular to this day.
So here we are then, with a video featuring the iconic yellow men, in a short suited to the season. Extreme un-seasonal violence to one side, the clip is inspired by this year’s must have Christmas computer game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. We think it’s fantastic, and if you do too then check out Keshen8’s You Tube channel. There you can see more child-like works of genius to peruse, including Metal Gear Cardboard (inspired by Metal Gear Solid), and the Shutter Island blooper real- all recommended. Now enjoy this one, and have a great day tomorrow!

Image (C) Joriel “Joz” Jimenez
Video (C) Keshen 8 / Custard Productions