Does your Manchester PR firm measure what matters?

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It’s a question we’ve been asking new inquiries and leads for well over a decade. Does your Manchester PR firm measure what matters? Needless to say, for many the answer is ‘we don’t have a Manchester PR firm’. For others, it’s a resounding ‘what does that mean?’

Given we are in the midst of AMEC Measurement Month 2019 it seems appropriate to take a look. Eyes to the front, then.

A Manchester PR firm recognised by AMEC for measurement 

Smoking Gun doesn’t just shoot from the hip, we make sure we hit bullseye because we understand what real measurement looks like. It’s the reason AMEC — the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication — has lauded our approach for years, and ranks us as a Measurement Champion Agency.

Don’t believe how committed we are to measurement excellence? Take a look at this.

Measurement is changing because metrics are changing, as are expectations and goals

It’s no use sitting around twiddling thumbs once you’ve mastered the best way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing mix. The process of evaluating any PR and comms work is not a static thing, it requires constant fine-tuning and adaptions to ensure it remains fit for purpose. Media platforms, outlets, approaches and trends are never constant. Flux if the only consistency. As such you need to react accordingly — which is something this Manchester PR firm can help you do.

What we need to measure is also changing

This week Marketing Week published an article that didn’t tell us here on Bridge Street much new. Plenty of other professionals will have learnt a lot from the post, though.

Put simply, the biggest and most cutting edge firms in the world are expanding how they measure business success. Clearly titled ‘Sustainability, wellbeing, hope: The new measures of business success’, we probably don’t have to offer that much detail for you to grasp the message.

Some might raise an eyebrow at the idea of setting KPIs on ‘hope’, although placing targets on sustainability is perhaps less surprising given the shocking state of the global environment. The point being that in order to fully understand how business success now relies on a 360-degree ecosystem, taking into account both internal and external performance you need whoever your Manchester PR firm is, or wherever your agency is, must appreciate how ethics, principles, care and responsibility are becoming just as important as reach, engagement and conversions.

Read our recent guest blog on the importance of wellbeing within the PR industry.


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