Marmite, we love it, some hate it

We love this campaign from DDB London which shows lovely creativity and some nice touches on customer interaction. It’s a PR dream too although I must admit I’ve not seen lots of noise about it on social media but we may have missed it?
According to the Spoof campaign is being supported by direct marketing and sales promotions, created by Iris, including spoof Marmite toothpaste packs, which inside will actually include a sample of the cereal bar, along with two discount coupons, one for a Marmite cereal bar and the other for a tube of toothpaste. Consumers can choose which coupon to use depending on whether they love or hate the product. Samples will also be handed out at selected London Underground stations and commuters will be filmed inside special Marmite booths tasting the Marmite Cereal Bars with the best ‘love’ and ‘hate’ reactions displayed on digital screens in the station.
So all in all, a great campaign brought to life in a range of imaginative ways.
If you’re listening Marmite, We’ll gladly receive a sample of the cereal bar and post a review!