May 2014 in the Smoking Gun study

As spring quickly turns into summer there’s plenty to feel cheerful about from where we’re sitting. Not least our latest client win, with more new members of the family joining the fold and our wonderful new offices to boot.
After a smooth and virtually seamless move to our new address here on Bridge Street, it gives us great pleasure to announce we will now be acting as public relations representatives for flava-it, a Manchester-based brand responsible for creating delicious marinades and glazes. We’ve a tasty task ahead as we team up with Code Computerlove ( to deliver a high impact consumer and trade campaign. We just couldn’t ask for a tastier job as BBQ season draws in.
We’re also delighted to have a new PR recruit who will be with us for the next 12 months as part of her degree’s year in industry placement. Georgia Robson now has a desk here at Smoking Gun’s HQ, and will be gaining in-depth experience of our ever-changing industry while on board, exemplifying the agency’s commitment to invest in the next generation of communications, marketing and media professionals. Meanwhile, we have a host of permanent job opportunities currently available, from Account Managers and Executives to Social Media Managers- for full information, click here.
In addition to our constant focus on the future we also triumph not-for-profit and charitable causes on a regular basis. Hence our latest recruit, Georgia, and Account Director Louise Woodward completing the recent Manchester 10K run. They were ably cheered on by team veteran Ben Ormsby, who dressed as a giant rabbit, in aid of our client, Support Adoption For Pets. Sponsorship for their efforts is still open if you fancy getting involved, so follow this link to the Just Giving page for details of how to donate.
Busy as ever being the operative words, with a total of 11,957,850 opportunities to see our clients generated during day-to-day efforts it’s no wonder the month has passed by in a flash, and it goes without saying the immediate future is looking equally full of interesting and varied opportunities, with a host of projects and new prospects in the pipeline. For now, though, we’ll leave things there, as it’s probably high time we got back to work.