The media, this month, October '13

DIGITAL- Google is experimenting with banner ads on both its home and results page. The company previously stated this would never happen.
MOBILE- BBC iPlayer streamed more TV content to viewers on smartphones and tablets than computers for the first time ever in September.
PRINT- Men’s magazine GQ will celebrate a quarter century of publishing with its December issue, published in the coming weeks.
PRINT- Financial Times has just reported the highest circulation in its 125-year history at just under 629,000, up 5% year on year.
PRINT- Russell Brand has guest edited The New Statesman, with the issue currently on sale. Jeremy Paxman isn’t happy, as this video proves.

SOCIAL- A Facebook puzzle has apparently gone viral, with scores of user profile images being voluntarily changed to a picture of a giraffe.
SOCIAL- Twitter’s proposed share price could value the company at $11bn, albeit the firm only hits the New York Stock Exchange on 14th November.
SOCIAL- Instagram is preparing to introduce advertising, and has posted an introduction for users on its blog. Take a look here.
SOCIAL- Bitstrips, the cartoon avatar-creating Facebook app, has clocked up more than 11million users since its release in December last year.
BROADCAST- ITV has been named Sales Team of the Year at the Media Week Awards, which were held in London on Tuesday night.
BROADCAST- The BBC Trust must ‘get its house in order’ within three months or risk losing license money, according to Culture Secretary Maria Miller.