Meet Generation Z, your next customers

BANGKOK,THAILAND - NOVEMBER 10: Children play with camera phones during the Bangkok International Fashion Week at Siam Paragon November 10, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
By now we’ve all heard about the demographic that will be the future of our sales, irrespective of what it is we’re selling. A new market has emerged simply because time has progressed, and if you’re not up to speed on how they consume content and information, you might as well put a sell by date on your company.
We are, of course, talking about 12-24 year olds, AKA Generation Z. If you count yourself in this age range then congratulations- you have a few years to go before words like ‘paunch’ really resonate, or a glass of water before bed at the wrong time means waking up at 3.3AM needing the bathroom. If you’re not a young-ish upstart, don’t worry either- we’re sure by now you’ve figured out that exercise can stave off swell, and you have water timing down to a fine art.
Irrespective of which side you fall on, though, from a business perspective it pays to know how these fresh faces are using media and technology. As such here are nine key learnings from Wildness, a research firm set up by Awesomeness TV- one of the most successful enterprises currently reaching out to this emerging market. We advise taking notes…
**More than half of all over-18 Generation Zrs have never had a TV subscription, have already cut the cord to theirs, or intend on doing so in the near future.
**If forced to use just one device, 0 out of 10 Generation Z members would opt for the TV.
**31 per cent of those surveyed watch their favourite brands on YouTube.
**30 per cent follow their favourite brands and view the updates those brands make on social media.
**9 out of 10 watch YouTube daily.
**54 per cent ‘detox from digital’ daily, preferring to socialise and have real-life experiences after work or school.
**88 per cent take intentional breaks from digital devices.
**Members of Generation Z say their media engagement, consumption and creation supersedes millennials (25-40 year olds), despite millennials spending up to 18-hours per day consuming content, 30% of which is created by their peers.
**84% of Gen Z multitask- the most common time for this is whilst watching videos online. By comparison, just 2% of the general population claim to do this.
Does Generation Z feature in your firm’s marketing or recruitment plans? If so, how do you plan to entice them? Tell us in the comments form below.