Mobile websites- why bother?

Happy New Year! 2012 has finally arrived, meaning we can all (hopefully) forget about a plethora of trends from last year, such as mass scale UK rioting and flatlining economies.
In contrast the use of smartphones to access the internet is something that will only continue to rise over the coming months. In 2011 the public uptake of these web-enabled devices- whether that’s BlackBerry or iPhone- grew exponentially, with huge numbers being sold as more and more people looked to browse online, email, and do most things they can do on a computer whilst on a bus, in the canteen, or just about anywhere else they might choose to surf from.
Of course tablet computers are another ‘buzz product’ at the moment, with the iPad 2 featuring on just about everyone’s Christmas list, and many of the competitor products are now priced so low it’s difficult not to be very tempted. Even the Smoking Gun office is now equipped with Apple’s beautiful touchscreen devices, and because we pride ourselves on effective investment we’d say that’s a strong sign these gadgets are here to stay.
But this doesn’t mean smartphones are set to be a flash in the pan success. Experts universally predict the rise in mobile phones equipped with powerful processors will only continue, though there is a problem. Such devices can display most websites with ease, however the original domain design is, more often than not, coded for traditional computers and laptops. Those uninterested with functionality and usability might not be that bothered, but in order to guarantee competitiveness in an increasingly ferocious marketplace any business should seriously consider investing in a mobile version of its website so as to satisfy all potential customers.
Don’t believe us? Here’s a video by Vistaworks, a US web design company with a portfolio spanning well over 15 years, which explains how the shift away from desktops and other such full-screen machines is likely to continue in the immediate future. So take a look for yourself, and then have a think about what needs to be done.