Mother & Baby PR agency

A mother & baby PR agency that knows parent marketing

To succeed at parent marketing and parenting PR you need a partner agency that knows what nurturing really means. Here at Smoking Gun we have fostered a family of social media, press, content, influencer and creative experts that provide full-service solutions to help companies grow reputation, sales, reach and media presence. We are your mother and baby PR agency.

So whether you’re looking to secure column inches in a high-profile mother and baby magazine, make national news with a case study, or want to launch a user-generated digital campaign, our team is on hand to make the demands of the industry seem like child’s play. Just ask any of the firms we have helped in the past.

A mother & baby PR agency that’s serious about parent marketing

Even with the best brand name and baby products there’s no guarantee of attention from parenting media and influencers. Similarly, it’s no use expecting to make a massive impact on social media unless you have exceptional ideas to roll out. Dry, boring, stale and repetitive content engages nobody.

Our track record for creating serious fun and games that genuinely sell is unparalleled. In the past we have tapped into everything from bedtime routines and baby skincare to the power of children’s books in order to resonate with the tireless people responsible for telling those stories and tucking-in those covers.

Mother & Baby PR agency

We understand the best way to market to parents, because we are parents

While many agencies claim to be family PR experts, at Smoking Gun our team comprises five working parents. This means nobody understands the best way to market to parents more than we do.

As masters of parenting PR we know that trends are important when marketing to families, but consistency is the only route to real brand loyalty. That means continually creating striking campaigns that entertain, engage and empathise. We speak the language of this demographic because it’s our own language. A fact that shines through in all the actions we take for each of our parent marketing clients.

Evidence as simple as ABC

That might all sound like baby babble, but nothing could be further from the truth. The companies using us for parent marketing and parent PR services receive clear, concise and, crucially, relevant evidence that our efforts are really making a difference.

Smoking Gun has won awards, not to mention garnered widespread recognition from leading industry bodies, for the way we work. By focusing on metrics that really matter in the context of client goals and KPIs, we present easy-to-digest analyses of campaign impact and ROI. An approach that’s unique to our agency, it took time, experience and insight to come up with this revolutionary system, but rest assured understanding the outcomes of your investment is as simple as ABC.

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