Mother & Baby PR: Bloom & Blossom


Bloom & Blossom knew it had an excellent product in its Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Pillow Spray — designed to help little ones sleep soundly. But the brand needed to increase its visibility in a busy market and garner more attention from its target audience. 

Strategy & Plan 

If we know anything about parenting PR it’s this — case studies really do work wonders. By focusing on tangible success stories and the experiences of customers, the original influencers, word of mouth recommendations can easily convert into sales. 

We utilised real customer feedback fromBloom & Blossom‘s social  media channels to find examples of Bloom & Blossom’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Pillow Spray having directly impacted sleep patterns. There were plenty to choose from, but 26-year-old mother-of-four Chloe Bashford really stood out. 

Prior to using the product, her newborn had woke the household up every ten minutes throughout the night. Since buying the product, the tiny tot was in the land of nod through until morning. 

We approached leading national and regional news outlets, alongside specialist parenting publications, with the story. A comprehensive page-ready press release containing quotes, full details of the results, and offers of access to our case study was issued to UK media. 

This was supplemented by a wider social media campaign, using Bloom & Blossom accounts as focal points. Followers were invited to share their experiences, fostering a loyal community through personal insights, accounts, support and advice. This generated more case studies that could be used in the future.

Bloom & Blossom Mother & Baby PR

Mother & baby PR Case Study Results 

On behalf of the client we delivered:

*Blanket national coverage in 9 high profile titles including The Sun, The Mirror, Metro and Mail Online 

*2 backlinks to Bloom & Blossom homepage and product pages 

*Total potential reach from coverage of 5,111,275

*2 months of sales revenue in the first 2 days of campaign go-live, with orders from Australia to Brazil 

*Client product selling out in under 2 hours on 

*Most engaged Bloom & Blossom social post of all time 

*Near-100% increase in Google Search prevalence for Bloom & Blossom within 24 hours of coverage appearing

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