News media, pigs, and controversy

In the 21st Century it’s easy to start believing that journalism is dying. In reality though this couldn’t be further from the truth, because when you look from a different angle the industry is in rude health…
…it’s just more of a cottage enterprise than many are used to. There have never been more bloggers, community reporters, and nosey parkers willing to share their two-penneth and make some comment about some issue or other. Taking this notion further, with the advent of social media and web 2.0 we all became journalists, meaning anyone with access to a computer with a modem can now deliver the news.
The Guardian is one of the biggest advocates of this theory, a position the paper clarified last year with the introduction of its Open Newslist, which allows readers to see articles and stories in the making, comment on them, suggest lines of investigation, headlines, and supplementary content, and share via social media. An interesting concept, and one that truly places the news agenda in the hands of the news consumers- click here for more of our thoughts on that and the future of news at The Guardian.
Yesterday a new video was unveiled, which looks to visualise the modern day development of a story online and in print, placing the emphasis on the two way street of modern journalism, wherein readers and writers are not confined to being recipients and writers respectively, but instead work together in order to try and paint the most accurate picture of current affairs. That this has been done using The Three Little Pigs as inspiration only makes it better, so enjoy.