One Step Too Far advert

The Smoking Gun team was recently dispatched to Cardiff to help the Welsh Assembly Government tackle the thorny issue of sexism, with their One Step Too Far campaign.

A Wales wide advertising campaign had been designed to help men understand that the small gestures and comments made towards women- maybe a wolf whistle, stare, or shout from a passing van – can all add up to make women feel intimidated, demeaned, and threatened. Although often harmless, these gestures can escalate and lead to more serious situations. To put it into perspective- domestic violence accounts for more death and disability worldwide amongst women aged 15-44 than war, malaria, or traffic accidents combined.

The TV advert that can be seen below,  showed a woman in various scenarios where she felt intimidated by the attentions of men either at work, in a bar, or in the street.

We wanted to try to capture scenarios in the real world, and create a piece of video content which could be the basis for an online and broadcast PR campaign, aiming to generate debate around an issue which, we learnt, can easily split a room.
So, armed with two hidden, one static, and three hand held cameras the team plus two drama students spent 24 hours filming on the streets of Cardiff. The resulting edit can be seen below, maybe tell us what you think?