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Social media is effectively now a ‘Pay to Play’ environment. The average reach of a Facebook post (the percentage of your fans that will see your content) is just 6%. Gone are the days when a clever organic post would be seen by thousands.

All those hours you or your agency put into crafting great content is wasted when 94 out of 100 of your followers simply won’t see your posts, videos and Stories. Those days of social media being a free platform are sadly in the past.

But by biting the bullet and embracing paid social you’ll not only get visibility amongst your followers but also with other target audiences. And whilst we’d definitely recommend looking into Facebook and Instagram’s ‘Interest’ based audiences, there are far cleverer ways of improving your targeting.

Our clients that use our services to run their paid social ads see a dramatic increase in their click through rates and return on investment. That’s both by clever targeting but also razor sharp attention to detail on the metrics – which audiences respond best and which ad approaches get resonance.

We’ll help you to develop audiences based on your best customers – these ‘Lookalike’ audiences tend to do far better than an interests-based approach. We’ll also help you retarget warm audiences and ensure that your messaging reflects where your audiences are in the customer journey. No heavy sales messages to people at the top of the funnel – we will help you warm them up with clever ad campaigns that then make conversion a dream.

And of course while Facebook and Instagram tend to lead the field in social media advertising, we can also help you get clever with LinkedIn, YouTube and Tik Tok ads.

Paid Social Advertising Services

Paid Social Ads
Wanting to outsource your ads to a professional agency? Looking to better integrate paid social with PR, influencer and content marketing?Concerned that you are not getting value-for-money from your current agency? Every aspect of your campaign managed for you: Social media ads management that drives resultsCreative assetsCopywritingAd creationAudience creationMonitoring and reporting
Suspect that your ads might not be performing as well as they could?Concerned that your targeting is less effective than it should be?Worried that you are missing something vital in your ads approach?
An in-depth audit of your current social media ads approach.We’ll need access to your Ads Account and will do a deep dive under the bonnet searching out all those areas of under performance. We’ll score your Facebook and Instagram ads approach out of 35 giving you plenty of tips and ideas for improvement.
Ads Training & Coaching
Running your ads in-house? Looking for some professional input to get your marketing team up to scratch with paid social?
Face-to-face or online training for your marketing team on social ads.
Our ads trainer is one of the UK’s leading experts in Facebook and Instagram advertising. She literally wrote the book on how to do social ads. And now she’s working with Smoking Gun PR!
Fast track your team’s social ads performance with a bespoke training session designed to get them up-to-speed with all the latest winning approaches.