Pet PR case study: Rehousing ‘Lovedogs’ for National Dog Day

Pet PR


Support Adoption for Pets wanted to cement its position as the number one supporter of pet rescue centres in the UK. The best way to do this was by spreading the message that every pet deserves a home, emphasised by putting that idea into practice for National Dog Day. 


*Raise Awareness for Support Adoption For Pets and its grant scheme 


*Drive in-store donations in Pets At Home stores across the UK


*Consolidate Support Adoption For Pets’ position as the country’s leading supporter of rescue centres 


*Communicate that every pet deserves a happy home, driving three actions— DONATE, APPLY, ADOPT


Strategy & Plan

Smoking Gun responded with the following actions: 

*Detailed written and visual media materials issued to leading print, broadcast and digital titles 

*Liaisons with BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Sheffield and BBC North West Tonight to highlight the essential work of Support Adoption For Pets

*Call-outs issued for rescue centres to submit entries for National Dog Day,  an awareness day to celebrate dogs that we used as a means to highlight and encourage adoption 

*Following the call-outs,  two lurchers, Samir and Sabiha from Tia Rescue, were selected as the central story for National Dog Day. The inseparable ‘lovedogs’ had helped each other survive as a team and now needed a home together 

* Social media campaign launched, focused on Samir and Sabiha, with details of their situation and history sent to UK press 



We secured… 

*Social media reach of 4.9million, an increase of 26% month-on-month

*175,000 engagements— 4% rising to 7% for #NationalDogDay, an increase of 50% month-on-month

*17 pieces of media coverage with an average Domain Authority of 71 (industry standard is 20)

*Media reach of 1,966,736