PR stunts- remembering the little details

The exploits of a successful public relations agency make for interesting reading. By pulling off a high-profile, out of this world feat, headlines are grabbed, and the public’s attention held captive.
But PR is a strange business. There’s a host of variable and unpredictable factors that must be taken into account. The power might cut out, the journalists will be late and, as any marketing or creative firm in Manchester knows, the heavens will definitely open at the first sign of an outdoor campaign.
As such preempting what could go wrong is standard practice. After all, you only get one shot at successful promotion, and missing the target will only ever result in failure. Preparation is key, which includes ensuring you know your role, what everyone else should be doing, and, perhaps most importantly, where the exits (and entrances) are.
Just look at this stupid streaker for proof of what can happen if you don’t study the necessary information beforehand. Of course, this isn’t a PR stunt, but if it was it would most likely be his last. The idea was to make people notice  him, which is the same principle. But while the tennis players won’t forget this scene for some time, they won’t stop laughing, for all the wrong reasons, either.