Case studies of using PR to build brand love

Ready to get serious about your company’s growth in 2022?

Smoking Gun uses strategic PR to win hearts and minds and solve business issues, from reaching new audiences and changing brand perception to shifting consumer behaviour.

Do you currently work with a consumer PR agency that works to solve real business problems not just deliver media coverage?

And most importantly, do they actively demonstrate the impact they’ve had on your business? How they’ve helped to solve the business issue in hand. If the answer is no, then you’re in the right place. 

Take a look at some of our recent work below to understand how we build momentum for brands, rooted in business goals and insight.

It’s what we are passionate about, it’s why clients invest with a PR agency like us and why we consistently win global effectiveness awards for our campaigns. 

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Proven value for our consumer clients, using PR to solve business issues:

Brand Voice Case Study: Helping a business find its unique position and taking a thought leadership campaign to market for Olympic swimmer Becky Adlington.

Sporting House was a group of businesses with disparate purposes and siloed staff. Smoking Gun took them through the Brand Voice process and realigned what they stood for.

From here, we developed a thought leadership campaign that delivered blanket national coverage, content that engaged the target audience and bookings increased by 2800% YOY. 

Here’s what we did to achieve these amazing outcomes.

Brand reappraisal case study: How to make your brand more appealing to a younger audience : Great British Bloom Off For Interflora

Global flower giant Interflora wanted to drive reappraisal and reach a younger audience. Smoking Gun’s Content Production team created and produced an Instagram TV series, putting four artisan florists to the ultimate test to see who would be crowned bloom Off Champion…

Click here to watch the teaser video and see the results.

SEO / DIGITAL PR Case Study: Gaining top spot in Google to make corks pop for Pink Prosecco

Pink Prosecco was a new brand with zero awareness.

Governed by Italian winemaker’s rules, it had to launch its rose Prosecco simultaneously against all the major supermarkets and other wine producers – all of whom had larger marketing budgets.

Our primary objective was to gain competitive advantage by landing the coveted number one organic Google spot for the term ‘pink Prosecco’ ahead of everyone’s sales going live.

We came up with a creative way to secure quality links back to the site BEFORE the product was even on sale, delivering stand out coverage across national press.

Most importantly, we delivered against the business goal with the company ranking #1 on Google for the search term ‘Pink Prosecco’. Read the full digital PR case study.

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