Recently in the Smoking Gun study

So the Prime Minister is gone. Two of the biggest pro-Brexit campaigners have followed suit, despite winning. And nobody is quite sure on the future. It’s times like this when you value the familiar. Take the intrepid team of PR pros here on Bridge Street, who, month in and month out, never stop working tirelessly for the brands they love.
It’s a team that is one again expanding, too. Hence us taking on another new account executive. Martha Downing represents our policy of drafting in experts from across the media landscape, what with her previous experience including several years on the broadcasting frontline at ITV before making the switch from hack to flack and now making her move north to Manchester.
We’re also looking for further new faces- a PR Account Manager, Account Executive or Senior Account Executive, and Community Manager. Take at our PR Jobs page for details.
Her timing couldn’t get any better, either. Not only has Smoking Gun PR jumped up two places in the 2016 Prolific North league table for best agencies in the north of England (link), we have also just won yet another gong for Silentnight via the PRCA Dare Awards, and found ourselves in the shortlist for Best PR Agency and Campaign at the forthcoming Manchester Publicity Association (MPA) Awards. Yet more proof that we stand at the cutting edge of our industry.
The agency;s always keen to share some of the knowledge and skills that have helped get us so far so quickly, and in our latest insider video, we discuss the perceived death of print. Take a look:
Elsewhere, Smoking Gun MD Rick Guttridge recently gave a talk at the search, analytics and social event in Manchester, SAScon. Living to up our company name, we;re obsessed not to mentions his stint speaking to attendees at the AMEC conference, during which a new framework for better campaign evaluation and analysis was unveiled. The plan being to give brands the best possible understanding of exactly what their marketing and PR partners have achieved on their behalf. Needless to say, we’re very much in favour of the idea.
On a slightly lighter note, our office hosted what could well be the world’s most unique baby shower. Hayley Peters has now left for maternity leave, adding one more bouncing boy to the growing SGPR brood, and given we’re going to miss her like the desert misses the rain we wanted to do something special. Cue a bush tucker trial here at HQ, which featured challenges some might recognise from I’m A Celebrity, including eating maggots and worms. Not for the faint hearted, the words ‘gross out fun’ immediately spring to mind. As do ‘better get back to work’, and so on that note we’ll see you in another four weeks.