Recommended viewing – How to use Twitter for business

Here at Smoking Gun PR it’s a problem we see daily in this internet age. The web is full of content that claims to advise small businesses on the best ways in which to harness the full power at their fingertips, whether that’s SEO or social media, yet many of these posts fail to go beyond simple references to networks surrounded by buzz words and jargon.
The result is that most forward thinking professionals are aware they should be on Facebook, or that Foursquare could be a huge help, but more than a few still don’t really understand what to do once they have opened accounts and created a complete profile. Well, if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation on one of the world’s most popular social sites then the following videos are essential viewing. Courtesy of Amazing Video Tours, here’s How To Use Twitter for business, parts one to three (Listening, Engaging, Tweeting), all of which should mean things are a little clearer in the future.