Scotland's second city prepares for social celebration

Anyone who keeps an eye on our regular media rundown, The Blagger’s Blog, will know from those weekly Battle of the Tweets that cities thousands of miles apart frequently have similar Twitter trends. But as of Monday, Glasgow, Beirut, Berlin, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milan, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Vancouver will share more in common than a simple interest in current affairs and global events expressed through 160 character messages.
From September 19th-23rd Social Media Week arrives in each and every one of those towns, ready to preach the gospel of online networking for business, and open up the channels of discussion on everything from GPS location-based apps to that ‘just around the corner’ marketing functionality for Google+. This┬ámakes Scotland’s biggest urban sprawl the second location in the UK to host the world’s biggest social media event, with highlights from the British schedule set to include conferences like ‘social media and breaking news’, ‘social media in the voluntary sector’, ‘how to grow an online audience’, and ‘the psychology of social media’, all of which promise to be valuable for anyone with an interest in this burgeoning online field.
Click here to browse the full schedule and book yourself a spot, or if you’re an industry expert with knowledge to spare then apply to participate here. And, finally, if there is still time next up follow this link. On the end of it you’ll find a variety of patterns, each lovingly designed by the public. One of these will become the Glasgow Social Media Week tartan, so if you have a preference as to which the organisers should use now’s the time to speak up, or at least check a tick-box, as voting is open for the time being, but the clock is ticking. So then, see you by the Clyde on Monday.