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We help organisations and brands simplify what they stand for, increase the impact of their brand and communicate in ways that engage and activate audiences to better effect.

Whilst every project requires a unique process and approach, we have a number of tools and approaches that we use to fuel the process

Identifying a brand territory

In any market, a successful brand has to have a clear positioning (something that is true to the brand and has the ability to distinguish it from competitors).

In order to get to this, we often go through a process of creating around half a dozen potential territories that a brand could occupy… the territories are deliberately quite different from each other in order to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each… ie the appeal, the relevance, the credibility and the differentiation.

Crafting great briefs

Great work is inspired by great briefs.

We work with clients and communications agencies using insight into the target audience and our experience to create powerful briefs.

Sharpening a brand’s architecture

Many brands have identified the territory to occupy but have an existing brand architecture that’s either generic or written in a way that isn’t easy to use/activate (often defined by pretty predictable language and uninspiring values).

We work with companies to sharpen their brand architecture to make it more fit for purpose.

Rather than reinvent the brand architecture, we revisit it to explore which elements are working, which aren’t, and where the opportunities are for new and more compelling thoughts.

In crafting brand architectures, we focus on differentiation and activation, so often get involved throughout the organisation to embed the thinking and ensure it’s interpreted into behaviour across the business.

Branding from the inside out

Making sure employees not only understand the employer brand they work for, but also buy into it is crucial. This isn’t just about employees delivering service brands in a consistent way, but also for product brands where employees are creating engagement with different consumer and trade audiences.

We deliver programmes that ensure employees become powerful advocates for their employer brand and undertake behaviours that reflect and enrich it.

Inspiring and sustaining “Thought Leadership” programmes

Raising a company or brand’s profile with either the trade or customer audience is obviously important. Whilst profile can be bought, we help brands with limited budgets think their way to leadership.

Our structured approach to developing interesting (and validated) points of view allows our clients to own issues and engage audiences with compelling and provocative content rooted in insights that have the power to create growth.

Researching through Qual LiteTM .

Qualitative research can sometimes be seen as taking too long, costing too much and not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

Qual LiteTM has been specifically designed to counter any of these concerns… it’s quick (with an average 10-day turnaround from initial briefing to final report) and cost-effective as we run 3 groups per evening (the industry standard is 2).

Additionally and importantly, we focus on the “need to know” rather than the “nice to know”, get to the things that matter quickly and always deliver a clear, well thought through client action plan in the context of a workshop-style debrief.

 Communicating through Brand Body LanguageTM

Increasingly, with a communications savvy consumer, how a brand behaves and the signals it gives off is more important than what it says about itself in advertising.

This product uses semiotic analysis to go beyond what a brand says about itself to understand the unspoken signals and subtle codes within the brand make-up.

We generally take a theme relevant to the category and explore the residual and emergent codes around that theme, in and out of category to ensure we’re not limited by category conventions.

This approach tends to work particularly well in categories where brands are pretty much all saying the same thing.

We’ve analysed themes like “community” for the Co-operative, “freshness” for Subway and “leadership” for Microsoft.

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