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The power of Influencer Marketing

Harness the most powerful voices in word-of-mouth promotion, specific to your sector.

Done right, influencer marketing has proved its clout when it comes to building brand love and loyalty, growing audiences and boosting awareness. It’s no surprise then that 1/3 of brand communications specialists plan to spend up to 50% of their budget on influencer marketing in 2022.

With traditional advertising in decline and social platforms helping to bring greater accountability and measurement to influencer marketing, it has truly cemented its place as a highly investable part of the marketing mix.

Our experienced team understands not only how to identify trusted influencers that are right for your brand, from content creators to credible experts, but also how to successfully partner with them to develop bespoke campaigns that put you ahead of the competition.

Influencer Marketing: An ever evolving landscape

Influencer marketing has matured as an industry and is ever evolving. From strategy through to delivery and measurement, our team has the knowledge to keep you ahead of the curve and design campaigns to meet your specific business goals.

With the rise of reels and in the time of TikTok, content creation is often at the heart of our campaigns and we help influencers to become a powerful extension of your creative team.

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What is an influencer?

In the early days of influencer marketing, numbers were everything. The more followers someone had on Instagram for example, the greater their ability to influence.

Today a distinction is made. Generalists such as celebrities are seen as macro influencers – their voice is heard by millions simply because of who they are. On the other side of the coin you have micro-influencers. They might be a biologist renowned for groundbreaking research, or a real mum recommending her best at-home essentials. If you’re looking to gain ground in a specific sector, then these micro influencers are powerful people to help build likability and trust.

From everyday families to academics and the nation’s sweethearts, we’ve done it all. We create campaigns to spark some of the most authentic and powerful connections with your audience. And measure the metrics that matter to you.

How can influencer marketing work for your brand?

Read our case studies below and get in touch to see how we can make your business succeed now [email protected]

Successful influencer campaigns can spark some of the most genuine and powerful connections with your audience, but those that go awry can be catastrophic. Here is Smoking Gun’s tried and tested approach…

Define your goal

Is it to generate content for owned channels, drive sales or sign ups, or generate reviews? Who are you trying to reach? We’ll work with you to define this and design a campaign to meet your objectives.

Know your budget

Influencer costs vary dramatically, and like stocks and shares, their value can rise and fall. We’ll make the best recommendations to achieve your goal.

Analyse your potential tribe

We always look for genuine engagement with your target audience and an alignment with your brand values and personality.

Recruit & Cement Agreement

We’re adept at making the right approach and safeguarding you at every stage, inc. briefs, contracts and the latest advertising codes.

Creative Collaboration

The fun part! Influencers are an extension of your creative team so treat them as such. We agree outputs, channels and how content will be used.

Measure the metrics that matter

Trackable links mean it is possible to measure success at a granular level. We evaluate quality measures at every stage, from engagement and traffic to dwell time and sentiment.


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