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Pet PR Agency

Pet PR is second nature to Smoking Gun and we know Britain is known for its love of animals but we take this one step further by making furry and feathered friends part of our day to day business. And, after working on a host of high profile accounts that have seen clients thrust into the spotlight on all media streams, we shouldn’t need to explain we have many loyal customers.

Our pet PR newshounds can offer a plethora of angles to suit any publication, individually targeting niche titles and mainstream press alike and understand those readerships as much as the editorial staff. This means when it comes to building a social media and digital presence, we’re equipped to deliver the strategies, concepts and ideas that engage your customer base and target audiences.

Pet PR Services

Find out about our pet PR knowledge, we specialise in:

  • Events and public outreach
  • News generation
  • Product and brand placements
  • Social media management
  • Website and blog management
  • Digital marketing

Read all about our Pet PR case studies here

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Case Study: Cats Protection Agency - Air...

One of our favourite not for profits, Cats Protection, tasked our staff with a very simple but hugely important job. By gathering together statistical evidence to raise public awareness about the rise in air gun attacks on UK felines over the last 20 years we helped a truly worthy cause, to say the least.
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A plethora of impressive pet PR campaign...

As all our clients, and most of our professional contacts know, staff at this Manchester public relations agency love creatures great...
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