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Podcast agency

Podcast PR services for brands that are serious about growing reputations


Don’t waste your money on a brand podcast. Don’t even brief out a podcast unless you’re clear on its role in your communications mix, and where to find a podcast agency capable of realising that vision.

Expecting to double sales, or secure 100,000s of listeners? Unlikely. But podcasts can build trust, cement expertise, add a human element to your brand and open up excellent media opportunities. Here’s how this podcast agency can take the PAIN away for marketers who either want to run a podcast but don’t know where to start, or have been tasked from above.

There was a time when the trend was to keep all social content short, sweet and punchy, driven by the belief that no-one has a concentration span of more than a minute or two. At best. Yet last week alone 5million people in the UK downloaded a podcast, making time to tune in, listen, learn and be entertained.

Those numbers are predicted to rise sharply in the immediate future. Hence savvy marketers looking at the brand podcast as a medium of choice. Particularly when objectives centre on brand building.

A podcast agency helps brands research thoroughly, find their niche and pinpoint a suitable tone-of-voice. Get these steps right and people could be listening from 30 to 60 minutes each week. Marketers looking to produce regular podcasts need to earn the listener’s trust, defining relevance by proving value to the audience. Adding decent production values and a sprinkling of humour goes a long way, too.

A podcast agency that knows the true power of sound

Key to success is partnering with the best experts, speaking the right language, and sharing pearls of wisdom about the big topics keeping audiences awake at night. This is where intelligent algorithmic deep social listening pays dividends. Mapping out target communities and the conversations they are engaged in.

Tap into this with a carefully planned launch and promoted online distribution and you can build a strong, loyal following.

Like all digital content, brand podcasts are highly shareable and widely linkable. Other than just sponsoring someone else’s production, brands have a great opportunity to be creative, grow their own audience and engage them with a curated series, giving time for pause, evaluation and refinement.

A brand podcast is a great medium for measurement, allowing you to track listening behaviours and evolve tactics to adapt as your audience grows with you.

Rest assured; our technical and studio partners produce podcasts, radio shows and audio elements for the BBC and other major brands. So you’re in good company. 


Podcast Services: a helping hand

The Smoking Gun team can support you in shaping the best content strategy, working with you every step of the way. That means:

  • Mapping communities
  • Topical context
  • Production
  • Launch
  • Distribution
  • Measurement

Clients are constantly feeding back on how refreshingly lovely the experience of working with Smoking Gun is. Try us for yourself.

For an expert chat on your brand podcast, ask Rick any questions you like via email, or give him a call.
Happy podcasting.