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Digital is in constant flux, so now is the time to future-proof.

Smoking Gun’s dedicated video producers have in-depth experience in creative content, sitting alongside comms professionals who understand end-users, from consumers to business partners and B2B clients. Hence our work garnering real results for brands.

Building Digital Content

With social media now one of the most important aspects of any brand’s overall marketing and comms mix there has never been more pressure for companies to start building digital content to share online. But trying to figure out what form that content needs to take is far from easy.

From written words to short films, gauging what digital content to create should start with one question— what do you want to gain from that content? From here you can look at creative options for the content and where it should be distributed, opting for the platform best-suited to the overall aims and goals.

Businesses should be building digital content for a number of reasons, the most important of which is simply because without unique, branded digital content your audience isn’t truly able to connect with your brand. 

Data shows emotional content is stickier and more impactful, so good storytelling is always at the heart of our content creation.

Our team of content creators are ready to script, storyboard and shoot your brand story. From snackable social-first video to website video assets that keep your audience on-page, our unique and ingenious approach has won awards by the many.

Quality content that drives SEO

The most important thing to understand before considering building digital content of this type is quality – whether it’s a written article or short video, the production will need to be of a very good standard in order for it to have the desired impact. It’s also vital to consider brand message, and if using a third party host utilise links where possible to direct traffic back to the brand’s own website.

How building digital content can work for your brand

Building great digital content can have a number of positive benefits for any business. At Smoking Gun we have a dedicated digital content team, in-house designers and a social media content production team that can realise concepts on behalf of our clients, creating exceptional work that is highly shareable and engaging.

Video content production case studies

Click here to see how we’ve created ingenious content for our clients

Video content production services

Social Media Content Production

Snackable assets that tell your story in 15 to 30 seconds, platform optimsed and created for maximum social sharing – ingenious!

Styled Video Shoots

If you’re looking to build your brand with stylised content, we can dress, shoot and amplify your content to the right audience


From hand-drawn illustration to animated assets, our team are a talented bunch and will guide you through the process

Live Broadcast Content

From Facebook to Instagram Lives, our team knows exactly what it takes run a successful live social broadcast. We can set up and recommend influential hosts to lead the conversations and amplify the content – pre-live, during and after

Vox Pops & Talking Head Content

Influencer, expert, stakeholder or consumer – we can script, interview and film

Photography and staging

We have our own in house photography studio, ready to shoot products, live content and green screen!

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