Showing Nissan’s Caring Side

In 2012 Nissan UK soft launched its new CARED4 proposition in 50 of its leading dealerships nationwide and wanted PR
to be a main driver to reach a wide consumer audience.

CARED4 was a new brand and service pledge for the used car sector – not major general news on its own. To ensure media
take up of the brand name and not just Nissan was a challenging prospect!


  • Make Nissan CARED4 a recognisable manufacturer used car brand
  • Cause potential customers to reappraise Nissan and increase loyalty and retention from existing customers
  • Secure widespread UK media coverage of Nissan Cared4 – NOT on motoring pages
  • Explain the service proposition to consumers in memorable ways

Strategy & Plan

The Nissan CARED4 campaign focused on giving the brand ownership of caring about UK communities, positively placing
the brand at the heart of middle England against a wider backdrop of doom and gloom.

A campaign was launched to search for the UK’s most caring individual, with research revealing that 72% of people in the
UK no longer know their neighbours. This was sold-in to print and broadcast media with a rolling media relations campaign
to profile entries and individual stories.

To bring the campaign to life the team took to the streets with a series of random acts of kindness in key dealership
footprint areas. Free car washes were provided in Glasgow, Nissan paid for the M6 toll in Birmingham and umbrellas
were given out on a rainy day in Manchester.

All activity was filmed for use in social media platforms and video distribution networks to further amplify the campaign.

A fully branded campaign microsite and bespoke Facebook app was created for nominees to demonstrate how and why
they add positively to their community by their caring actions.

The ultimate winning couple had fostered hundreds of children over the last thirty years in Bournemouth – truly epitomising the CARED4 ethos.

They were presented with a used car, whilst other entrants were rewarded with treats ranging from shopping vouchers to weekends away.An automotive PR case study: Showing Nissan’s Caring Side

Measurement & Evaluation

Campaign success was measured on the following factors:

  • Coverage and total opportunities to see
  • Keyword mentions of ‘CARED4’
  • Visitors to the campaign microsite
  • Competition entries
  • Increased traffic to the CARED4 used vehicle locator


  • 503 pieces of coverage
  • 117,814,702 overall OTS
  • 99% of articles featured the message – ‘CARED4’
  • 1,000 unique visitors to the microsite
  • 36% year on year increase in traffic to the CARED4 used vehicle locator