Simply unmissable 2

Every Friday our Blagger’s Blog runs through some of the highs and lows from that week in the media. Naturally though we can’t help but stumble upon some truly interesting, and downright hilarious content during our web-based browsing that doesn’t get included there.
On top of this of course PR firms by nature have to scour the internet for new ideas, thus consuming a vast amount of information via articles, blogs, videos, images and status updates. So we decided start to collating some of the highlights from each month at hand, and put them all in one, easy to stomach story, hence the following…
Statistic of the month
69% of all European social media users are classed as spectators- meaning they do not post anything themselves, instead preferring to read other people’s updates.
Cult Clips
Dating can be intimidating, as anyone who has ever come out of a long-term relationship will know. At other times it’s ridiculous, here’s a case in point.

On February 19th the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan erupted, with phenomenal force. Thankfully CCTV footage was taken, so now we can all watch this clip.
You know what it’s like in these busy times, so many people to text about the arrival of your first baby it’s easy to forget about telling your current co-star.

Ever wondered what we’ll talk about in the future if anyone bothers to interview us about social media’s earliest days? Well, now you know.

Infographic of the month
Of all the interesting, enlightening, and useful images we’ve come across during February concerning marketing and PR, Social Media Explained In Donuts wins out.