Simply unmissable 9

Statistic of the month
40% of accounts and 8% of messages on social networks are spam

Cult clips
Heineken might seem like an unlikely brand to be affiliated with Bond, but nevertheless the following beer advert certainly caught our attention.

In many ways we should all feel a little sorry for Nick Clegg. Playing second fiddle to David Cameron can’t be easy, nor can videos like this, viewed by over 1million.

This clip, currently high in the British viral chart, sees a seagull steal a camera, film a flyover of San Francisco bay, and return it. Seriously.

From the depths of social media days gone by, MySpace is set to return to the marketplace with a sleek Pinterest style design. We thought it was a joke at first.

Infographic of the month
Ever wondered how much statistical evidence there is to support the use of infographics? So did we and, evidently, and, who put together this handy visual explanation.