Simply unmissable: Volume 13

Statistic of the month
The average consumer mentions a brand name 90 times per week to family, friends, and colleagues.
Cult clips
2013’s Gangnam Style may have already surfaced, and it’s far less irritating. The web is full of people doing the Harlem Shake, and this example of staff at Facebook shows how companies are promoting themselves with the craze.

There’s always a nugget of truth behind any ridiculous trend, and the Harlem Shake is no different. Here are some residents of the eponymous New York neighbourhood giving their opinion on said dance; it’s really rather amusing.

We all know Back To The Future is one of the greatest trilogies every committed to celluloid, but did you ever stop to think what that level of success could do to its stars? Here Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the movies, sings about his pain.

Predicting a YouTube hit is hard. For instance, if someone made a montage of badly filmed home videos showing goats making weird noises you might expect it to flop. 8,924,368 views later and obviously that’s not the case, at all.

Infographic of the month
March brings with it Red Nose Day, in case you didn’t realise. At the same time, 2013 marks 25 years of British Airways. To tie in with both the airline has put together this visual insight, designed to inspire feelings of nostalgia.

25 years of British Airways